Islington pair go viral after creating motorised lounge chairs and using them to get around Newcastle

If you've recently noticed two blokes travelling across Newcastle on what seem to be motorised lounge chairs, you weren't dreaming.

You probably just saw Andrew Burns and John Norton.

The pair from Islington have gone viral this week after videos of them riding around Newcastle were shared thousands of times on social media.

Speaking to the Newcastle Herald, Mr Burns said the idea for the motorised couches came to them while they were hanging out in the shed.

WON'T SIT STILL: John Morton rolls along Newcastle beach. Picture: Marina Neil

WON'T SIT STILL: John Morton rolls along Newcastle beach. Picture: Marina Neil

"Yeah, we were just going through some ideas in our head and just wanted something fun," he said.

"So over a few beers in the shed we just sort of bumped heads, did a bit of brainstorming and this is what we came up with."

"To break it down simply, we just used a motorised wheelchair ... and we've just gotten rid of the chair that would normally be on top of that, and we've adorned them with La-Z-Boy chairs."

The pair now use the lounge chairs to cruise around Islington, and even for trips down to the pub or to the bottleshop.

But it doesn't matter where they take them, the couches become the number one attraction regardless of where they are.

"[The attention] is off its head," Mr Burns said. "People getting out the window filming, people stopping and talking to us. Everybody wants one as you can imagine. It's just next level."

The two played down the widespread praise they've received across social media since the video went viral, including being dubbed "Aussie legends".

"We're just having fun and if being a legend's a by-product then so be it," Mr Burns said.

"It's good for a laugh, and we'll see how long it lasts for and enjoy it while we can, which pretty much is what we've been doing."

Videos of the pair first went viral around a month ago, but new clips of their visit to the Big Boys Toys Expo over the weekend sparked another social media surge.

The chairs can get up to a brisk walking pace, and despite concerns raised on social media Mr Burns said they have ensured the chairs are perfectly legal.

"They're legally the exact same as a mobility scooter ... so they can go on roads, footpaths and indoors and it's all safe and legal."

Mr Norton and Mr Burns both have experience in unorthodox modes of transport. The pair first became friends as a result of their shared interest in miniature rideable motorcycles known as monkey bikes.

Mr Burns said the pair have "plenty of ideas" for new, similar creations, but they would be keeping them a secret so as to not spoil the surprise.

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