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Guyra Argus Building

The Guyra Argus building in Bradley Street.

The original Guyra Argus was founded in 1902 and remained in production until 1957. The Guyra Guardian, Guyra Shire Chronicle and the Guyra Weekly News provided news for the district until the Guyra Argus name was relaunched in 1993 and the paper was acquired by Rural Press in July of that year.

At 1330 metres above sea level, the paper is the highest newspaper in Australia. The paid weekly paper circulates to the Guyra Shire and surrounding towns in northern NSW.

Located on the New England Highway midway between Sydney and Brisbane the town has much to off both visitors and residents. The town promotes itself as "Top of the Range" and is home the largest tomato glasshouse in the southern hemisphere.

The area has a growing population of about 2000 people. With a circulation of over 800, the paper is read by almost every household in Guyra, a reflection of its strong involvement with the local community.

The newspaper relies heavily on contributors to keep the town informed, particularly in the sporting arena.

As with most small towns, we have a strong sporting culture and our teams are more than competitive with many of the surrounding larger towns. Readers look forward to catching up with the weekend's sporting results each week.

Historically, Guyra is probably most famous as the home of the Guyra Ghost which made national news in April 1921. The mystery of who, or what, haunted a local residence remains unsolved and the subject of much speculation.

In February 1960 the town was once again in the national spotlight as a four day search took place to find a four year old boy lost in the bush. A song penned by Johnny Ashcroft ensured the story of the - Little Boy Lost has lived on.

Also making headlines were two F-111's that crashed near Guyra - the first in 1977 and another in 1993. A media frenzy was sparked in December 1999 when a UFO landed in the local water supply dam - national and international coverage of the story was intense however a suspected meteor was never recovered.

Guyra Argus - Dec, 1999

December 16, 1999: The front page of The Guyra Argus after a UFO landed in the local water supply.