Voice of Real Australia: will we ever get any answers on William Tyrrell's disapperance?

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ONGOING INVESTIGATION: William Tyrell, in that Spider-Man suit.

ONGOING INVESTIGATION: William Tyrell, in that Spider-Man suit.

It is the story we all are hoping will have an end - and soon. The final chapter however, whenever it is written, we know will be a tragic one.

Week three of the coronial inquest into the suspected death of William Tyrrell has been heard in Taree. This week, the inquest returns to Sydney, before Deputy State Coroner Harriet Grahame, taking with it more questions than it has answered.

For five years, a mountain of growing evidence has been gathered. The investigation has also been plagued by speculation, rumours and distractions.

Even as the inquest continued in Taree, the Strike Force launched a new search near Kendall, returning in force once again to a community no longer surprised by their presence.

Do we have any answers yet? No.

Are we likely to have any soon? Probably not.

It is a suspected crime of the darkest and most hideous kind. It involves a child and in the thousands of pieces of evidence collected, only one crucial piece to the puzzle - someone, or several people, are not telling the truth.

But there is real goodness in the world and it comes in the form of the Make-A-Wish charity.

It is a celebration of life and the innocent joy of dreaming anything possible. The final chapter of this story is written with love.

Little Emma Blundell was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the age of two, and then relapsed two years later while still undergoing chemotherapy.

She was given a Make-A-Wish coin and kept it under her pillow for a year because she knew her dream would one day come true.

And it did.

If you need a lift, then Emma's smile is all you need. She's an absolute rock star.

And if you're reading this daily news offering while enjoying your favourite drop, then here's food for thought from one of the Hunter Valley's leading vignerons on climate change.

"If we allow unchecked climate change to continue, it won't be melting ice sheets that hit Australians the hardest, it will be a scarcity of food and water - forget about a nice bottle of wine," said Alisdair Tulloch.

Now there's a call to action.

Tracey Fairhurst

Editor, Port Macquarie News

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