UNE will display and explain how newly acquired geophysical survey instruments work

UNE Professor of Australian Archaeology Martin Gibbs

UNE Professor of Australian Archaeology Martin Gibbs

Martin Gibbs,Professor of Australian Archaeology, at UNE,whose interests include research projects on aspects of historical and maritime archaeology will talk about Is There a Buried Armidale? The talk will be on Tuesday, August 20, at 7.30 pm 'Dumaresq Chambers', 114 Faulkner Street Armidale.

The talk is based on describing UNE's newly acquired geophysical survey instruments and how they work and where Martin Gibbs will conduct future surveys.

Following the talk the annual general meeting for the historical society will take place. The society relies on volunteers to keep the historical museum open through the week. Visitors to the centre often are interested in family history and publications of the burials in the original Faulkner Street Cemetery. The historical society needs maps, old parish maps, topographical maps and sketch maps and plans, especially of subdivisions relating to the New England area.

Judy Grieve has written this snippet of Armidale history:The name Dame Nellie Melba lives on in Australian history. Occasionally we hear a scratchy rendition of her magnificent mezzo soprano voice reproduced from primitive recording mechanisms of the late 1800s/early 1900s and hear of her numerous 'farewell' concerts. However, there seemed to be only a minor newspaper reaction to the famous diva's visit to Armidale in June 1909, with the Armidale Town Hall packed, and others unable to gain admission (SMH 24/6/1909). We have copies of the Armidale Express and Armidale Chronicle advertisements for the occasion, but it was the Sydney Morning Herald which saw fit to report the event as follows: MELBA AT ARMIDALE: Armidale, Wednesday. Madame Melba arrived in Armidale yesterday morning and was welcomed at the railway station by the Mayor (Alderman Hawke) on behalf of the citizens, after which two little daughters of the Mayor presented Melba with bouquets. As the great singer left the carriage, she was greeted with cheers. (She was then driven to her hotel by Dr Harris in his motor car.) Last night, in the Town Hall there was the largest gathering ever assembled in the hall (700), while outside, hundreds were unable to gain admission (for ten shillings and sixpence). Melba received a great ovation and each item on the program was encored. The concert party left by train this morning for the north. The entourage travelled in a special train with the performers (4), the manager, a maid, a valet and two baby grand pianos. Melba's autograph could be purchased for 2/6.

This story Seeing Beneath the soil: is there a buried Armidale? first appeared on The Armidale Express.