State government will provide emergency support for Guyra's water supply, Adam Marshall says

Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall has stepped in to try to extend the life of Guyra's water supply.

The NSW government, he announced on Tuesday, will provide emergency support to allow water to be trucked from Armidale to Guyra, until the new $13 million water pipeline comes online later this year.


The Guyra Dam water level is at 35 per cent, while Malpas Dam sits at 53 per cent. Without significant rain and inflows, at current usage, Guyra could run out of water by August without any intervention.

Mr Marshall said Guyra's water situation was fast becoming critical. Steps needed to be taken to ensure the town had access to potable water, while the Malpas Dam to Guyra water pipeline was being constructed.

"Yesterday I met with Water Minister Melinda Pavey to discuss the fast deteriorating situation in Guyra," Mr Marshall said.

"I have formally requested the government make emergency water funding available to Armidale Regional Council to allow for the transport water from Malpas Dam to Guyra, as an interim measure, until the pipeline is fully operational.

"Council has confirmed construction of the pipeline is on track to be finished on time. However, unless there is considerable rainfall between now and then, there is a risk Guyra Dam will run dry before that time."

Guyra uses an average 423 megalitres of water each year, which far exceeds the town's current storage capacity of 277 megalitres. The pipeline will expand that capacity to more than 740 megalitres, exceeding the town's anticipated growth over the next 30 years.

Mr Marshall said Guyra's major employers - like Costa's tomato farm - need to be reassured everything is being done to allow them to continue operating while the drought and pipeline construction continues.

"The drought is hurting everybody," he said. "I urge residents to be mindful of their daily usage and implement water saving measures, so everyone benefits from what water is still available".

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