RUOK Day surprise for Guyra coffee shop customers

Free coffee comes with an important message

Coffee lovers were surprised and delighted with a free cup "on HealthWISE" when they visited Guyra's Woolly Lamb Cafe last Thursday morning.

The health organisation shouted the morning rush in coffee shops throughout the region in an effort to work with local country businesses and give customers a break.

Jillyian Jopson, a primary health care nurse from Glen Innes was on hand with free health information and health checks while the CWA was represented by Guyra member and NSW Land Cookery Committee Secretary Mary Hollingworth.

The free coffee came with a reminder to check in with friends and family as part of RUOK Day and World Suicide Prevention Day.

Customers were offered resources on how to start a conversation on mental health and information on a free Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN counselling service called Mind Health.

"People can feel powerless when confronted with mental illness and suicide, and it is important to recognise that community education and connectedness is one of the best models towards prevention," said HealthWISE Senior Mental Health Clinician Anne Galloway.

"Given these difficult times, HealthWISE decided to partner with cafes in locations where we have offices across the region.

"What better place to begin a conversation with someone?

"It could be a work colleague or it could be someone you nod to everyday.

"We sponsored coffee as a little act of kindness, providing an opportunity for people to step back for a moment and reflect on how they're doing and also how their neighbours or friends are doing."

HealthWISE has long supported mental health in the community and offers a range of services across the region, including mental health clinicians, lived experience, Aboriginal outreach, drought and bushfire relief.

Anne said that the words 'Are you ok?' were simple, but could have a far-reaching effect for those struggling with mental illness, contemplating suicide or working through grief.

She acknowledged that it can be difficult to know how to react when someone tells you that they are not ok, which is why coffee drinkers were offered information on Mind Health.

Funded by the Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN, locals can call 1300 029 131 or visit to access free professional counselling.

It allows more focused intervention as participants can access the same counsellor for multiple sessions.

"A conversation 'Are you ok?' doesn't necessarily turn into a counselling session, so please don't think that's what we have to do - we just have to reach out and say 'I want to know'," Anne said.