Emergency bores tapped to boost water supply as infrastructure goes in

WATER: Armidale Regional Council Mayor Simon Murray was pleased to see Guyra's water supply boosted.
WATER: Armidale Regional Council Mayor Simon Murray was pleased to see Guyra's water supply boosted.

When water supplies reached critical levels last year, Armidale Regional Council engaged a hydro-geologist who successfully found sites with significant underground water at depth.

Test sites were drilled across the region, and now, council crews are constructing the underground piping and pumping network to link the emergency bores to the Guyra Water Treatment Plant.

The bores will provide an emergency water supply should the region experience severe drought conditions in the future, and early water quality testing has returned positive results.


Final connection to the water treatment plant will not proceed, however, until council meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, and council succedes in being granted a Water Access Licence from the NSW Government.

Three emergency bores will be located at Izzeard Park, the Sports field and the Showground linking to the Guyra Water Treatment Plant via a new underground network.

Armidale Regional Council Mayor Simon Murray described it as an important investment for the region.

"By having access to emergency bores we are putting less pressure on our water network during any severe drought," he said.

"The bores will support usage during severe water restrictions placing less pressure on existing dam supplies for Armidale. I'd like to recognise the state government and Adam Marshall for their support for the groundwater program."

Guyra residents are advised that increased activity of works by council crews will be visible, but any impact will be confined to roadsides and council land.

Residents will be advised if they could be directly impacted prior to work commencing.

The bores are sunk to depths of approximately 150 metres. At this depth there will be no impact on existing bores and monitoring bores are being installed.

If you have any enquiries about the planned works or the project please contact our customer service team on 1300 136 833 or email council@armidale.nsw.gov.au