Making sense of Barnaby abuse

Member for New England Barnaby Joyce.
Member for New England Barnaby Joyce.

It's curious how no one ever seems to have a good word to say about Barnaby Joyce, all you ever hear from people is abuse directed at him, most of the time it's not even sensible criticism, just insults and anger without clear reason.

Yet Barnaby won the last election. He clearly got the majority vote.

There must be a lot of people around town who voted for him, yet they never openly admit it, and never defend him when others around him are heaping abuse on him.

It's a strange disconnection between what people say around each other and about Barnaby, and the reality of how New England region actually voted. The people who hate Barnaby are the loudest, and they really do hate him in an irrational way I notice, swearing about him, saying they want to slap him, this sort of stuff that just looks insane and toxic to me.

If Barnaby is such a bad guy, why do so many people vote for him?

That never seems to occur to his critics. Actually, when people heap abuse on Barnaby Joyce, what they are saying is they think the many people who voted for him are morons. In a democracy, it is the people who elect their representatives, so the anger they feel for Barnaby should logically be directed at the people who voted for him.

I didn't vote for Barnaby, but I feel no compulsion to heap abuse upon him like a crazy person who can't accept election results.

He must be doing something right, otherwise so many people wouldn't have voted for him. I don't think the New England region is full of morons. Though I do notice there are a lot of sore losers around who can't accept the the election process if their side doesn't win.

Daniel Peckham, TAMWORTH.

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