Armidale and Guyra riders named in NSW squad

HAVING A BALL: Bridget Mckemey will represent NSW. Photo: Liz Pearson.

HAVING A BALL: Bridget Mckemey will represent NSW. Photo: Liz Pearson.

In a massive feat for the region a huge contingent of local players will pull on the sky blue for NSW at the Polocrosse National Championships next year.

The squads were announced earlier this week with Guyra players Ella Elks, along with sister Ryle Waugh, Zac Finlayson, Mac Finlayson, Gus White, Bridget Mckemey, Claudia Mckemey, Jack Mckemey and Matt Grills as well as NEGS students Emily Wamsley and Gemma Stuart all named in a variety of age divisions for the carnival in 2020 at Ballarat.

"It's an absolute honour to be picked in the NSW women's side," Elks said.

"There isn't any one else I'd rather be doing that with then my little sister, Ryle.

"We feel very lucky, as NSW is a hard state to break into as there is so many talented players down here."

The champion sister pairing have played for Queensland previously but their change in clubs has seen them switch to pull on the sky blue.

"It will be very different for us putting on the blue shirt, as we have been apart of the Queensland national team for last 10 years," Elks said.

"We can't wait though!

"I'm also very proud of the NEGS girls that made it, they have worked very hard this year and deserve their spots."

Polocrosse season is coming to a close and instead of their annual carnival, NEGS hosted the Girl Talk workshop.

The ongoing drought saw the club cancel their carnival and instead hosted a clinic with education in various aspects of the sport.

There was on-the-field coaching by Australian player Lucy Grills and NEGS polocrosse coach Ella Elks.

They also looked mental health and strength and conditioning aspects of the sport.

"It was quite a good weekend, the kids loved it," host Jo Finlayson said.

"Marni Hietbrink from Peak Psychology came and gave a talk to the girls about getting in the right headspace, how you prepare yourself for games.

"We had a nutritionist came over from Narrabri, who also did pilates and yoga. Matt Pine from UNE sports academy did strength and conditioning."