"Every Child is a Star": fancy dress for National Family Day Care Week

YOUNG SUPERHEROES: Rylan Wilson, Brock Adams, and Charles Gordon. Photo: Nicholas Fuller
YOUNG SUPERHEROES: Rylan Wilson, Brock Adams, and Charles Gordon. Photo: Nicholas Fuller

Guyra's junior superheroes romped in the Tuesday morning sun under the watchful eye of pirates, witches, heroines, and giant bananas.

Sandra Gordon held a fancy dress playgroup at her home as part of Family Day Care Australia's seventh annual celebration, National Family Day Care Week.

"This morning has gone brilliantly," organiser Val Hume said. "The kids love it, and we love it. We've had more fun than the kids!"


The theme was "Every Child is a Star," highlighting their unique strengths and qualities.

The youngsters - aged from seven months to six years - zoomed around on trikes and in pedal cars; banged enthusiastically on cymbals; made star-spangled wrist-bands; and enjoyed a purple cake with the Family Day Care logo on.

Guyra's day care educators meet every month, swapping houses so kids have different things to play with.

"It's so relaxed, so harmonious whenever we get together," Sandra said. "There's never any fighting; they're just a great little group."

She started her day care service 14 years ago, when her daughter was three, and loves it - particularly one-on-one interaction with the families.

Betty Wilson agreed. "The children have so much fun, and the parents are all relaxed and know that the kids are all safe and well."

Children also get to know the kids they'll go to school with.

Enrolments are still open for day care from infants to after-school care. Educators have a one to four ratio, so get to know the child well, and can fit in with their family routines and cultures. "Family day care is a fantastic choice for their childcare needs," Val said.

More Family Day Care Week activities will be held in a pop-up shop in Armidale, next to Irresistible Style in the Armidale Plaza: story-telling on Wednesday, and live music with Pete Stanley on Thursday. Val and Sandra will paint faces on Friday. All activities start at 11am.