Save and Grow Guyra group hold demerger meeting next week

Save and Grow Guyra group hold demerger meeting next week

The Save and Grow Guyra Group will hold a meeting at the Guyra Bowling Club next Wednesday evening to determine how to demerge from Armidale Regional Council.

"The significant 'Yes' vote in the recent poll translates to a call to action," organisers Gordon Youman and Beth White said.

Rob Borsak MLP, leader of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, will speak on the actions and procedures required for demerger. He will also take questions from the floor.

The meeting will be held from 5.45 to 7pm, Wednesday, April 24. The Bistro at the Bowling Club will be open.

All locals are invited, requested, and strongly urged to attend.


The Save and Grow Guyra group maintain that Guyra has not benefited from the merger with Armidale Regional Council three years ago, and claim their recent poll shows overwhelming support for demalgamation.

According to their figures, 89 per cent of 1072 voters in five towns - including 92 per cent of Guyra residents - want to split from Armidale Regional Council, with only 9 per cent against, and 2 per cent informal.

Mayor Simon Murray and Guyra's last mayor Hans Hietbrink doubt, however, the validity of the poll.

The high figures, Cr Murray argues, are inaccurate; they are based on the number of votes received, rather than the number of people who voted out of the local population.

When the number of pro-demerger votes is divided by the number of election voters, as he suggests, only 54 per cent of the population, and 57 per cent of Guyrans, support demerger.