Tingha fire 2019: Evacuee Tee Piertzak's experience

Tee Piertzak says her family was lucky.
Tee Piertzak says her family was lucky.

Tee Piertzak is one of nearly 100 Tingha evacuees to seek refuge in Guyra from the fire.

She, her fiance, and dogs are at the evacuation centre at the Guyra showground, while her parents are in a motel.

"These guys in Guyra have just been amazing!" Tee said. "They know everything that's going on. We've got volunteers left, right, and centre. We're getting fed; we've got clean showers, clean toilets, hot coffee, tea, and food. They're really taking care of us."


Her family were lucky, Tee said. They were in town, not on a property, when the fire struck Tingha on Wednesday.

"Yesterday, when it started to pick up pace, the town got absolutely blanketed. You couldn't breathe, with how much smoke was coming into town.

"It was pretty scary, just trying to get out. Everyone was a bit scared for everyone else.

"We went for a drive around town, and you could see it coming closer and closer. It's not even so much a fear; it's like dread, because you don't know what's going to happen."

Tingha was a strong community that would survive the fire, Tee said.

"There's a lot worse people off in Tingha, but I know as a community, we'll come out of this, and we'll do a lot together."

She thanked everyone fighting for Tingha residents' lives and homes.

"They've got to go home to their families, and you want them to be safe," Tee said. "It's like a catch-22."

"Even though we're affected, we're thinking about all the people who are fighting it for us. We're extremely thankful."