Guyra water pipeline repaired

Metal fatigue was the cause of a water pipeline bursting this week.

The main pipeline transferring treated water from the Water Treatment Plant north of Guyra to the storage reservoirs on Prisk Street failed on Wednesday.

The 65-year-old pipe was made of cast-iron, a brittle material that can suddenly fail.


A crew of eight from Guyra and Armidale worked quickly to repair the pipe in five hours.

They removed the broken section of pipe and clamped in a new segment of plastic pipe.

The level of the Guyra reservoir level fell low, but was refilled around 6pm.

The Guyra and Armidale crews flushed water mains in Guyra the next day, in case water quality had been affected.

Local businesses and residents were encouraged to use less water until reservoir levels were restored.

Residents may go back to normal water usage, Council said.

“Council is grateful to the community for cutting back to essential needs during this unexpected disruption,” a spokesperson said.

Report any instances of dirty water to council on 1300 136 833.