See what #fkthefilterchallenge is all about

WHEN Tori Forsyth decided to make a stand on social media, she didn’t know it would capture on so quickly.

A single make-up-free selfie of the country music artist posted on Instagram ,and the hashtag #fckthefilter, spread like wildfire within the music community this week.

Some of the industry’s biggest names are now supporting the cause.

Forsyth is one of the industry's breakthrough artists and is known for her unique music and isn’t afraid to be herself.

She said she made the decision to boycott social media photo filters and move away from the “unhealthy obsession” of image online after noticing a change in her own behaviour.

“It’s something I noticed over the last six months a little more intensly,” she said.

“I noticed it within myself more and thought it was getting a bit dangerous.

“There is an obsession with comparison and not ever feeling like you’re quite enough.

“You take a photo and you pick the best one out of 100 and put a couple of filters on it.

“What got me was I took a photo of myself and thought it was alright, used two different apps to get the result I wanted and where I was happy enough to put it online.

“I can’t believe I got to this point to feel so uncomfortable with myself that I have to do that.”

She said it was then she reached out to 20 women who she thought might get on board a challenge to post “filter free” photos for one month.

The photos then came in thick and fast with even international superstar Kasey Chambers jumping on the bandwagon.

Local artists Shelley Minson and Alison Forbes were also among the women to support Forsyth’s mission with many posting their own thoughts and experiences with social media in the process.

“There’s no way I thought it was going to have such an impact, or it would come with such inspirational stories,” Forsyth said.

“Everyone is getting involved with it and turning it into a positive message.

“I hope it’s not just for one day, I hope people continue to post these pictures.

“I’ll be doing it for a month, and I hope there’s more people that will contribute to it.

“You don’t have to do it every single day, the message is to be conscious of what they’re posting.” 

“As an outcome, I’d like people to keep putting out really awesome and inspiring stories and making the internet a bit of a better place. Because it’s not that great at the moment.” 

Would you?

This story Tori talks about why she’s #fkthefilter first appeared on The Northern Daily Leader.