Not the Full Deck: Podcasts by Simon Bourke

Welcome to a three part podcast that tells the story of a young boy dealing with “footy cards” and the mysteries of the schoolyard.

Not the Full Deck: Episode One

Excerpt from Not the Full Deck

“As I tried to move my three miserable cards out of his line of view, he caught a glimpse of something and his eyes just lit up. He quickly reached out and grabbed my wrist. He stared at my cards. His jaw dropped. He became a mass of quivering excitement....”

Not the Full Deck: Episode Two

Excerpt from Not the Full Deck

“But for now George’s appeared as a darkened den of exotic danger. High school girls in short uniforms smoked cigarettes and drank coffee with older boys with greasy long hair and do-it-yourself tattoos who definitely did not go to school. I lurked nervously out front and waited until the counter was free of customers before making my move.”

Not the Full Deck: Episode Three

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This story Not The Full Deck: A podcast first appeared on The Northern Daily Leader.