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Richard Stretton.

Richard Stretton.

Your age and experience in politics?

“I am 51 years of age.  I have contested 2 federal elections and 1 state election. I have been a member of the Christian Democratic Party for approximately 15 years and get increasingly involved with politics as I see this country slip further into debt and give away our national sovereignty. I have proven a willingness to protect this country through 4 years of service with the Australian Infantry. I see this as my response to the greater threat of losing this country through economic mismanagement and the sale of Australian soil to foreign interest. We are not losing this country to the gun but to the cheque book and a selfish moral standard.”

What is your heritage and citizenship status?

“I am 100% Australian. My father was born in Kogarah NSW and my mother was born in Yackandandah Vic. I think I have 3 generations born in Australia on both sides but cannot confirm that on my father’s side. I believe that since my forefathers have fought for this nation and I have been willing to fight for this nation with army service that it is as much my country as is possible.

“There are three things that I am willing to live for, die for or kill for. They are: my God (YHWH), my Family (My wife and children), and this nation of Australia.”

Why are you running?

“I am running for this election because over my lifetime I have seen the decay of moral standards in this nation that I believe will surely destroy us. 

“I have seen both major parties support such things as: No fault divorce, abortion and now same sex marriage. I have seen both major parties sell off Australian land and assets to foreign interest seemingly forgetting they were bought with the blood of our forefathers.

“Australia is NOT for sale.

“I have seen our national suicide rate rise to depressing levels since we have raised a generation without faith, without hope and with a twisted view of love.

“I see a main stream media that promotes things that are evil and corrupt while repressing the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ.”

What are the top three issues the electorate is facing?

“Foreign ownership and foreign trade that is working against all agricultural industries.

“Centralization. This is what they called the policy which both major parties have put into place over the past 50 years that have forced our children to move to the cities for education or work and then mayny of them get married and stay there. I will make a commitment to this electorate that if you should give me the opportunity to represent you in this government I would do all that I can to oppose the construction of any new education facilities or government offices in major cities and only support their placement in regional areas. De-centralization. Bring our children back to the country.

“Mining and CSG. No mining on agriculturally viable land. No coal seam gas until technical issues can be overcome and definitely no fracking with toxic chemicals.”

If you call yourself a Christian I think there is only one option for you in this election as neither of the major parties could possibly be called Christian anymore even though both major parties were Christian parties in the past, that is now well and truly in the past.

Richard Stretton on why people should vote for him.

Why should people vote for you?

“If you call yourself a Christian I think there is only one option for you in this election as neither of the major parties could possibly be called Christian anymore even though both major parties were Christian parties in the past, that is now well and truly in the past.

“There are other parties on the rise that lay claim to being Christian based but the Christian Democratic Party is the only party that is bold enough to put the cross in their logo and Christ in their name. 

“If you are not a Christian that probably won’t mean much to you but I think that you can still see the common sense in our policies and the deceit in other parties.

“The CDP has proven itself responsible in handling the balance of power in the NSW senate for the last 35 years.”

What are your policies around renewable energy?

“CDP supports the use of renewable energy supplies as the replacement of all current non-renewable power supplies becomes necessary over time. We do not support the shutting down of currently viable power supplies simply because of fuel type. We are struggling to meet supply at the moment without committing to emissions agreements that would simply make the situation worse.

“I believe that a well-managed mix of hydro, solar and possibly gas (for spike load) could provide all of Australia’s power needs if managed wisely.

“New generation nuclear power could also be an option to at least consider without the stereo type fear that stems from the older generation nuclear options.”

How do you propose to bring more jobs to the electorate?

“De-centralization is the biggest issue as presented. Government should not be able to force private industry to move to a certain area to conduct business but it should do all that it can to encourage private industry to set up in regional areas, such as tax incentives and more. Government can however force government office to set up in regional areas. If any government office needs to expand, relocate or be created it should be forced to do so in regional areas such as New England. If they want the money the workers will follow.

“A tax on all imported goods is necessary to protect Australian agriculture and manufacturing. That tax should be a minimum of 10 per cent and higher for certain goods as necessary. Agriculture and manufacturing are essential to a strong New England economy.”

What is your view of the NBN?

“Good internet is essential if we are to encourage business into the area. The NBN had good potential but was poorly managed. It has proved to be a huge milking cow for dodgy suppliers to make promises they never intended to keep, go bankrupt then walk away with their pockets full of our money. We are left with an incomplete and way over budget internet system that we have to complete at still more cost. All because of poor management and not enough accountability in the contracts issued for substandard supply.

“We must complete the NBN for business sake but enquiries must be made to find if there has been corruption on behalf of any government officials.”

Where do you stand on the balance between the region's mining and agriculture industries?

“CDP believes that God gave us mineral resources to use to our profit and benefit and as such we are not opposed to mining as a major source of national income. We also believe that mining should not be conducted at the cost of agricultural land. Agriculture trumps mining. Mining on marginal land should be encouraged but not permitted on prime agricultural land (such as the Liverpool plains). The water table impact must also be considered in any mining approval.

“Even from an economic view point mining agricultural land cannot be justified as mining may produce huge profits in the short term but then leaves useless land whereas agriculture may produce a lower short term profit but can do it indefinitely. Even those short term mining profits are only valid if they remain entirely in Australia which is rarely the case.”

This story MEET THE CANDIDATE: Richard Stretton first appeared on The Northern Daily Leader.