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Jamie McIntyre
Jamie McIntyre

Your age and experience in politics?

“I’m 45 and I founded  the 21st Century Australia Political Party in 2013.

“I wrote a book on policy ideas 2013  ‘101 Ways to Improve Australia’ and ran as a Federal candidate in New England 2013.”

What is your heritage and citizenship status?

“I’m fifth generation Australian and I have no dual citizenships. I am of Scottish heritage.” 

Why are you running?

“Many Australians feel the current political system is outdated and no longer works as do I.

“Australia is also devoid of decent policy idea's and suffer's a severe lack of politicians that have ever built companies and employed hundreds or thousands of Australians.

“Australia requires better leadership and an updated 21st Century Political and Educational system.

“By running it can help promote better policy ideas for our nation so long term we can have the political change many would like to see in their lifetime.”

What are the top three issues the electorate is facing?

  • Coal industry verse agriculture verse renewables.
  • High cost of living especially electricity.
  • Lack of resources for rural Australia verse the city and youth unemployment.

Why should people vote for you?

“Only if they wish to support longterm political change and want to support a party that seeks to be a credible third party in the future . Designed to end the two party duopoly that  is failing voters . Plus if they want people with real life experience in politics verse more Union delegates , lawyers or party officials that generally can't manage their own  tuckshop money let alone an entire country.

Coal industry verse agriculture verse renewables; High cost of living especially electricity; Lack of resources for rural Australia verse the city and youth unemployment.

Jamie McIntyre on top three issues in electorate

“And leadership. Someone that can inspire change and isn't scared of standing up to powerful opponents whether that is corrupted Government agencies or Big Pharma with their Vaccine rorts.”

Our survey has found renewable energy to be a big concern in the region, what are policies around renewable energy?

“Australia should be a renewable energy leader especially with solar battery farms such as Tesla can deliver  and stop limiting it because of the powerful coal lobby.

“Coal has its place in the interim but any nation that wishes to continue to stall renewable energy because of fossil fuel industry is a nation headed no where fast.”

How do you propose to bring more jobs to the electorate?

“Play to New England's strengths such as agriculture but also seek to grow Education sector and  grow renewables rapidly.

“Have residents  educated to utilise technology better  and realise in a global digital world it doesn't matter where you live but more s adapting and utilising it.

“Stimulate more small business as that creates jobs.

“With Amazon coming and associated internet business opportunities New   England budding entrepreneurs should be seeking to capitalise on the future opportunities this change can bring.

“I would also encourage more people to move to New England to enjoy  the lifestyle and the lower cost of living it has  to stimulate and diversify  the economy.

“Our cities are over crowded yet our regional areas require growth.”

What is your view of the NBN?

“I warned back in 2013 that the NBN will be a complete waste of money and become obsolete technology before its finished.

“It's a typical labor idea of wasting taxpayers money .

“The private sector could have delivered faster internet by now.

“Many will never sign up for NBN and simply usefaster wireless   networks. The Gold Coast Council just built its own faster internet for residents for $5.5 m as it didn't want to risk relying on the NBN for the Commonwealth Games.”

This story MEET THE CANDIDATE: Jamie McIntyre first appeared on The Northern Daily Leader.