A night drinking rum ended in a police pursuit on foot for a Guyra resident

AN UNEMPLOYED man who told police to “f--k off” after a night drinking rum has pleaded guilty to drink-driving at Armidale Local Court on Monday.

Clifford Dawson, 31, was chased through a paddock by police on foot after they received two complaints about a white Holden Commodore on August 13.

He told his dad, “I’m a dickhead I shouldn’t have driven, I wanted to get drunk and possibly something else.

Magistrate Michael Holmes.

Entering O’Donnell Street, officers found the car parked one metre from the kerb.

They later followed the car to a property on Sole Street.

After a short pursuit on foot, Dawson was found laying in the grass 50 metres from the vehicle.

Unable to walk unassisted, he slurred his speech.

Defence solicitor Niel van der Linde said Dawson had been drinking with a neighbour while they made funeral arrangements for a mutual friend.

“He was scared to stop,” Mr van der Linde said.

“He kept running because he thought he would be tasered.”

Officers walked Dawson, a Guyra resident, back to the police car where they were met by his father.

Police were unable to breath test Dawson as he was at his home, the court heard he has had problems with his mental health.

Magistrate Michael Holmes said he was unimpressed with Dawson’s language toward police. “He told his dad, “I’m a dickhead I shouldn’t have driven, I wanted to get drunk and possibly something else,” Magistrate Holmes said.

“When police went to see him on the first occasion he told them to go away, but they weren’t the words he used.”

Dawson was convicted and fined $500. His licence was disqualified for nine months, and he was placed on a good behaviour bond for a year.

“Those conditions are there to help you, not hurt you,” Magistrate Michael Holmes said. “The punishment is losing your licence and the fine – you are warned if you don’t comply with the conditions you will be back before me.”


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