A lucky country must applaud its own

WE’RE called the lucky country for a reason – and we’re a diverse one at that. 

On Monday, grazier Brian Marshall was named in the Queen’s Birthday 2017 Honours List.

An Order of Australia (OAM) recognises a diverse range of contributions and service across all fields, including professional endeavours, community work, Australia’s Defence Force and emergency services.

The Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove (pictured), says the awards have helped to define, encourage and reinforce Australian goals and values since 1975. 

And he couldn’t be more right.

Recipients come from all walks of life. They work across all fields of work. 

The awards don’t discriminate. They recognise hard work for the greater good. 

They call us the lucky country for a reason. 

Recognising these community-minded locals – who can too often go under the radar as unsung heroes – will ensure we have the right role models to look up to.

From service to local government to the scouting fraternity, from dentistry to ophthalmology, from community service to country music, our local OAM recipients deserve every bit of honour that comes with the title.

They have often gone about their duties – in both a paid and voluntary capacity – with little to no recognition.

Us Aussies, by nature, can all too often be self-effacing or fall victim to tall poppy syndrome where we attack those at the top.

Just as it is important to hold those in high places to account, we must remember to give credit where it’s due. 

Most recipients didn’t know they’d been nominated and were surprised to be conferred with one of the country’s highest honours. 

This week’s recipients now join the company of almost 50,000 women and men whose meritorious and brave actions have enriched our community and our lives. 

Included in The Queen’s Birthday Honours List are 673 recipients of awards in the General Division of the Order of Australia who have been recognised for contributions and service to fellow citizens in Australia and internationally.

How lucky we are to have so many locals from our region recognised in the nation-wide honour? 

We applaud their achievements and encourage residents to nominate a deserving recipient next year.