Learning about the School of St Jude

On Tuesday St Mary of the Angels were very fortunate to receive a visit from Mr Felix Mollel from The School of St Jude in Tanzania.

Felix Mollel with  Sharon Wittig (Photo by Simon Scott)

Felix Mollel with Sharon Wittig (Photo by Simon Scott)

 Felix started working at the school as a bus driver in 2005, and is now the visitor coordinator. The children were all mesmerized by the stories that Felix shared with us. He talked to the children about his family life, his Maasai tribe, about his life growing up in Tanzania and about the poverty that faces the people of Tanzania. 

Our students heard about the School of St Jude and how only 150 children are selected to attend each year. In order to be selected children must be academic and from a poor family, with only one child from any family being able to attend. It reminds us how lucky we are in Australia to receive such a wonderful education. 

At the end of his talk, Felix presented our school with The School of St Jude DVD, ‘My first day at the school of St Jude’ written by the students of the School of St Jude, and ‘St Jude’s’ a book written by Gemma Sisia. 

Last Friday the students of St Mary of the Angels were entertained by visiting musician Mr Colin Offord who presented his solo performance of “Soundscape”. 

Colin entertained the students using home-made instruments. He used these instruments and his voice to create complicated entertaining pieces of music. He showed the students how he created many of his instruments. 

One home-made instrument was an eagle’s feather that he was given many years ago. He drilled out holes from the shaft of the feather and played it like a flute. 

The students were included in many of his pieces. They were given instruments made from shells, spoons, wooden blocks, metal and old car parts. They played these in harmony with the main music. 

The students thoroughly enjoyed the unusual nature of this performance. It was an exciting and creative musical experience. 


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