McIntyre predicts Windsor would lose seat

Poll results released on Tuesday by the  founder of the 21st Century Australia Party, Jamie McIntyre, claim that sitting federal MP Tony Windsor is trailing in third place ahead of the federal election due in September and is set for defeat in the polls.

Mr McIntyre predicted that the independent MP was set to lose his seat in a landslide to either himself or The Nationals candidate Barnaby Joyce if the poll results were any indication.

Mr McIntyre said the phone poll of 100 voters in Tamworth and Mr McIntyre’s home town of Glen Innes showed a huge upset.

Although he presented results showing Senator Joyce ahead of the three-man race, he predicted The Nationals’ contender was vulnerable and was not far behind.

Mr McIntyre said the phone poll was random on June 8 and 9 and they were asked who they were most likely to vote for, Mr McIntyre, Mr Windsor, Senator Joyce or undecided, in a rotating order.

He said the results showed 22 per cent for Jamie McIntyre, 12 per cent for Tony Windsor, 40 per cent for Barnaby Joyce and 26 per cent still undecided. He said that as a newcomer, he would be expected to attract more of the undecided votes rather than them go to Windsor or Joyce because they were disillusioned with both major parties and the current political system.

Mr McIntyre said he attracted a very high percentage of second preferences and the final result after that distribution was 33.8 per cent for Jamie McIntyre, 10.7 per cent for Tony Windsor and 38.8 per cent for Barnaby Joyce.

Mr McIntyre predicted that a large political upset could unfold with both Mr Windsor and Joyce in danger of being defeated by him, because he had only just started his campaign and it was likely his supporter base would grow.

Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre