Guyra business sets example for region

Independent candidate for the seat of New England, Jamie McIntyre, used a tour of the Guyra Tomato Farm this week to highlight the need for similar development throughout the electorate. 

As he prepares to enter the last week of the campaign he acknowledges that Nationals Candidate Barnaby Joyce has a head start, given the 25% of the electorate who voted National in the last poll. However he believes there are still a lot of undecided voters who are not prepared to support Mr Joyce and he is confident of picking up many of these votes.

Mr McIntyre, an entrepreneur in his own right and the founder of 21st Century Education, is a big supporter of small and medium business. They are the type of businesses that he wants to see grow, creating employment and growth in the region.

“My aim, if elected is to attract more new industries and business, like the Guyra Tomato Farm,” Mr McIntyre said. “We can create an unprecedented economic boom and more jobs, by having a pro-business Member for New England that has the real life experience to deliver jobs and growth to the region, which will in turn benefit the entire community.”

Mr McIntyre said he sees a bright future for the New England, with the right leadership. With Australia set to grow rapidly in the next 30 to 40 years he said that  the correct measures must be taken to ensure the nation can handle the population increase.

“By 2050 Australia’s population could reach 40 million people up from 23 million today,” he said. “Where will all these future Australian’s live?”

 He suggests that Sydney and Melbourne cannot accommodate them all and he believes regional areas are where many Australians in the future will base themselves. 

Mr McIntyre says that the key to making this regional population boom a reality is high speed broadband and high speed trains. Shortening travel time from many smaller country regional cities and towns to larger areas would assist in more people choosing to live in regional Australia. 

The success of the Costa group in establishing a successful business model in regional NSW is proof that it is possible to run a businesses catering to a national or  global market place.

“My vision is many of the future 40 million Australians can live in regional Australia, where housing is much cheaper and the quality of living can be much better, especially if 21st Century Australia policies to improve health and education are implemented,” he said.

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